The energy behind Qinetic

Last week I had the pleasure of sharing Qinetic's story with you. This week I am thrilled to share how Qinetic's platform, combined with one trainer's workout routine, has changed the lives and bodies of its' clients. From sharing his Fat ASSassins live streaming videos via Qinetic with thousands of viewers accross the world to "tapping it back" with New York City's SoulCycle riders, Isaac is one busy, passionate trainer with his own gift of authenticity.I had the opportunity to live stream one of Isaac's segments with his loyal client and childhood friend, Dana, who knows first-hand how a good friend and trainer can change your life.

Let me start by saying I sweat more in this 30 minute segment than I had all week in New York-and I took some tough classes. Isaac combined dance influenced movement with light handweights or no handweights, and used body resistance to create small, low impact movements to strengthen and lengthen our muscles. A link to our segment here.

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Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 6.14.36 PM

The City Skinny: What turned you on to the fitness industry?

Isaac Calpito: Being a dancer and performer on Broadway, I have always been interested and invested in keeping my body healthy and high functioning. Not only to keep my body safe and vibrant so I could do eight shows a week, but also to make sure I looked the part dancing with my shirt off on the Winter Garden stage! I dove head first into finding new and intriguing ways to challenge my body. Through yoga, Pilates, running in the park, ballet class and old-school body resistance, I created a system called "Fat ASSassins" that worked for me and got me the results I was looking for.

CS: What is the physical goal of Fat ASSassins?

IC: To create a strong, healthy and efficient body. I don't believe in perfection. It doesn't exist. I believe in pushing outside your comfort zone and staying active every day.

CS: What drew you to SoulCycle?

IC: I have been a SoulCycle fan for many years. You could say I was an obsessed rider. Whenever I was in LA for business or had a free hour in NYC, I would run to the nearest Soulcycle studio. I love the methodology, the ambience, and mind-body-soul connection in a SoulCycle class. Even when I don't teach a SoulCycle class, you can find me riding in one of my favorite teacher's classes.

CS: What is your favorite way to workout/favorite class in New York or anywhere else?

IC: Soulcycle, of course. I also adore running in Central Park. This is the best city in the world.

CS: Is there a specific client's journey that pops into your mind?

IC: Working in show business, I have definitely been able to connect with and work with some people whom I have admired for years. One of my favorite clients has been Hollywood legend, Faye Dunaway. Her work ethic, passion and attention to detail really helped create an electric and inspiring atmosphere. She is a wonderful example of a determined and excellent Fat ASSassin!

CS: music to sweat to!

IC: Madonna always. I love a good Mariah Carey remix, too. I mean, with those two, it's like, how many number one hits can we fit on a playlist. But also, I love tracks by Offer Nissim, Krewella, Prodigy, Robyn & Diplo.

As I mentioned before, Isaac also has had quite an impact on his childhood best friend, Dana Beil, whom you can see frequently on his live streaming Qinetic spots.  Dana was kind enough to share her journey, as well.


Dana and Isaac have a history from the age of 7. Like many, Dana gained weight after her college and dance careers came to an end, and she knew she was ready to take control of her body. She recalls a vacation with Isaac and another friend in St. Thomas, where, before hitting the beach every morning, Isaac put them through a routine, and Dana started to see immediate results. She recalls that Isaac "in his fabulously not so subtle way, told me that I was gaining weight and he was going to help me lose it. We are the kind of friends that can say that to each other :)" So Dana became one of his first clients. They focused on cleaning up her diet. They worked out side by side 2/3 times a week and to date, Dana has lost 65 lbs and 7 dress sizes. He taught her how to run and brought back her dancing roots to lean out her body. She has maintained this for 5 years and is fitter than in her high school years, and has this to say about her experience and continued success with Fat ASSassins.

Fat ASSassins works, period. It works every part of your body. It multi-tasks: you think you're working your legs, but you're also working abs and arms. You wake up the next morning with muscles sore you didn't know existed, but in the best of ways. You can get a sweat-inducing workout in 20 to 30 minutes flat that you can do anywhere from a living room to a hotel room. Because I travel a lot for work, that's really important to me. I'm lucky because my best friend happens to be my trainer, but if you watch the videos you know he doesn't take it easy on me, haha. And I love him even more because he never will.