We all have had days when it seems impossible to get to the gym or our pilates class because of lack of time or motivation. I've had days stuck at home with two sick kids and no way to get out, so I exercise at home. My husband will often get to a city where there may not be a decent gym option and he is forced to get creative. Or maybe it's just a rainy day and you really don't want to get out in the weather. We've all been there. On my recent trip to NYC, I joined my friend Isaac (who you will remember from my SoulCycle post) to film a 30-minute live streaming exercise segment for Qinetic fitness.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 6.25.58 PM
Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 6.25.58 PM

I quickly learned that the Qinetic team, led by Ben Hart, has a special story to tell, too. What makes Qinetic unique and sets them apart from a store-bought fitness DVD, for example, is that trainers, such as Isaac, interact with their viewers in a world wide forum, not only in the live streaming segment, but through social media.  He's not simply releasing videos into the ether- he can be in touch with people to answer fitness and nutrition questions, as well.  Isaac's is a great story I will highlight in part two of this series, but, first, here is a little background on Qinetic from founder Ben Hart.

Ben 293
Ben 293

The City Skinny: Who is the Qinetic team and how did Qinetic come about?

Ben Hart: The Qinetic team has been around for quite some time, but officially launched in February of 2015. We saw some gaps we wanted to fill in within the fitness industry and we felt passionate about doing this on a larger level. There is way too much information out there and people are creating less and less time for themselves to work out due to busy lifestyles. We saw the problem and wanted to try to fix it from a slightly different angle. So we began to live stream great, quality content from some of the best faces in the health and fitness industry.  And, more importantly, its free, which eliminates that excuse!

CS: What is your fitness background?

BH: I have been into fitness my whole life. While other kids wanted to go out, I really just wanted to hit the gym- no lie. I began competing in boxing in NYC during my college years, which led me to becoming a three-time Golden Glove competitor and Olympic trial candidate. It was one of my greatist experiences in life. I eventually decided I did not want compete in boxing my entire life and became a trainer at Equinox on the Upper West Side. There I learned more about the industry, met some amazing people and established myself as a top producer when it came to personal training. My boxing background helped me bring a unique skill set to pitch to new clientele at the gym. I found that women really loved boxing and the feeling of empowerment it gave them. I could see it in their faces. Then Qinetic was created and I have dedicated all my time to it and the amazing team behind it.

CS: Where does your inspiration come from?

BH: The Qinetic team and my family who inspire me to push everyday to make this company a success. I believe they trust in me as much as I trust in them. The inspiration for Qinetic is mostly what it has always been- to make healthy living easier, motivating and fun.

CS: What do you look for in your fitness and nutrition professionals when bringing someone on to your team?

BH: The first thing I look for over everything is personality. Because Qinetic is built off of motivation, being motivational and inspirational is key to creating a great video/stream. Having a unique personality that empowers people is very important. The second thing I look for is industry validity. Finally, though social media numbers are not important to me, I do look for coaches who communicate strongly with their followers who take their classes.

CS: What drew you to Isaac?

BH: Isaac? What more can you say about him? Once you take one of his classes you will understand. Isaac was one of the first coaches and founding memebrs of Qinetic. Isaac is a pure rockstar and gem in life and especially in the fitness industry. He's also one of the best natural marketers out there. He knows who he is and embraces it no matter who is watching. He has a group of individuals who tune into his classes for an amazing workout, but also for entertainment purposes, and I am one of them. Isaac has a star quality that makes him perfect for hosting live Qinetic classes while paying close attention to his followers with a lot of depth. He makes you want to be better in his own unique way. Try his class and you will know what I am talking about.  You may be in the moment and ask yourself "did he really just say that?" and the answer is "yes, he did."

isaac headstand
isaac headstand

Qinetic plans on holding true to their mission- to deliver great content from top industry coaches while making fitness fun, interactive and free. While I always encourage you to get out there and try something new, this is something new to add to or jumpstart your routine, or try in your home when you are pinched for time or are feeling unmotivated. Check out Qinetic's site for live streaming times and more information! They will not disappoint!