Live In The Movement

Find your fitness groove.



Live in the Movement is designed to help you find your fitness groove by making fitness fun.

From community Fit Days nationwide and custom-built private events to wellness weekend retreats, we guarantee you and your friends will leave refreshed, inspired, energized and motivated for all aspects of your life. Our purpose is to create lasting memories by treating you to something new! We cater to all levels of fitness and realize each person has favorite ways they incorporate movement in their lives. So come Live in the Movement and leave all of the details to us! From scouting out the best and friendliest trainers and studios, to the healthy and delicious food we serve, to the “pamper yourself with goodness” gift bags, to the fabulous happy hours and transportation, this is the new girls’ night out!

I have absolutely loved all 3 Fit Days that I’ve been fortunate to be a part of. Each one has been unique, each with different participants, different instructors, different workouts, but all with a similar outcome: new friendships, new challenges in terms of my fitness, and a renewed spirit to try new things and get out of my comfort zone. It’s so much more than a day filled with workouts; it’s about being surrounded by like-minded people, learning from and sharing with one another, and supporting women of all sizes, shapes, fitness levels, as together we take one day to focus on ourselves and our bodies and our minds! Even better than discovering a new type of workout I love or gym I’d like to visit, Fit Day is an opportunity to try something new and to learn something about yourself. And the people are pretty darn amazing too!
— Jenny, Cincinnati

We believe in…

Buying experiences, not things.

Sweating once a day.


Exploring someplace new each year.

That movement is vital for happiness.

Rolling the windows down.

That a good road trip is just a different kind of therapy.

Shining a light on our friends.

Moving in two directions: onward and upward.

We stand for...

Harmony. Peace. Leading with love, always. Taking care of our bodies. Equality. Freedom.

We are tired of…

Gossip. Standing still. Settling. Negativity. Close-mindedness. Plateauing. Not being present with our loved ones. Being “plugged in.”

We are…

Worthy of happiness and bliss. Strong. Bold.

We can help you…

Find what you love about fitness. Heal. Rejuvenate. Recharge your battery. Become more adventurous. Find balance, strength, and inner beauty. Take time for yourself. Smile. Live courageously. Follow your dreams. Find your fresh start.

Live in the Movement!!