The Beauty of Barre 3


In our busy lives, it is easy to stop taking care of number one first. This might sound selfish, and you've probably heard this time and time again, but if we don't show ourselves some self love, no one else in our lives will feel love and connection either. Our relationships with partners, children, friends, and family can suffer as a result. This is one of the main reasons I created a day for people to step away and focus on themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Many of the moms, for instance, who repeatedly return to my events do so because they leave feeling recharged and reconnected to the strength that lies within them, and this bleeds out to every other aspect of their lives. Their spouses and partners feel and see it, they have more patience with their children, and everyone reaps the benefits. Anyone who follows a regular exercise, meditation, or self-care routine will tell you the same thing: the stress relief and mood boosting is priceless! I love to see this transformation and I love to collaborate with studios that share the same outlook.

We recently stopped into Barre3 Mariemont for a fun, yet super challenging, workout with Karey. I had taken a few of Karey's classes, and loved every second (well, aside from my legs shaking uncontrollably- she'll push even the most avid exerciser!). But the outstanding moments for me were when she tied in the mind-body connection during a set. Or when we circled up at the end of class to reiterate the importance of being strong, supportive women. We talked about the importance of taking time for ourselves and utilizing every valuable second of this challenging hour to push ourselves a little bit closer to our goals and a little bit closer to positive change in our bodies, minds, and lives.


Along with a killer workout, the vibe at Barre3 Mariemont is supportive and friendly. Each time I've been to a class, the studio just feels comfortable, light and inviting. Parents can bring their little ones to play in the childcare area for $5 per child, or for free if you have a monthly unlimited membership, which can be a game-changer for a new mom. Barre3 Mariemont is now offering an introductory package: 3 classes for $40, so check them out! I guarantee you will have a challenging and uplifting experience!