Bright Cellars - A Bright Gift Idea!

Ah, the holidays! While they should be a time to relax and enjoy being with family and friends, they can also bring some additional stress. My family does a gift exchange every year for the holidays, and it can be difficult to find certain family members something unique that they won't return. (Ahem: my husband.) So I wanted to share with you a company called

Bright Cellars that I came across on Twitter. With all the time commitments (that we all have this time of year, I know I am not the exception!), I recently told a friend that I am done trying to be "perfect" for the holidays. Yes, I will continue to exercise and eat well, turn on the Christmas lights every day, and probably do a little extra baking this season (for the kids, of course), but perfection is not what the holidays are all about to me. They are a time to have fun and spend quality time with family and friends. Plus, I don't really enjoy shopping.

That being said, any quality gift I can give to someone with ease IS perfect in my book.

Bright Cellars, for instance, allows you to fill out a profile (it is fun and only takes a few minutes to do) to match you with different wines they will hand-pick and send to your doorstep. I have used wine clubs and on-line wine companies in the past, but with this company, you get matches that are tailored to your tastes. A lot of us may not know exactly for what we are looking, and that is the beauty in using Bright Cellars. I do happen to know what types of wine I like (I have done a fair amount of field research on the subject), and the quiz matched me up beautifully. So now I get to discover new varietals and be a little adventurous, all while staying within my wine comfort zone.


Bright Cellars also offers flexibility which you may not have with other wine clubs. You can give a gift certificate and your recipients can go online and take the quiz themselves, so you will also give them just what they want. And all while enjoying your favorite bottle in the comfort of your own home!

So Happy Holidays to you and yours! Enjoy yourself, keep moving, and be well!