Back to Pure Barre

One of my very first interviews I did when I started my blog a few years ago was with the owner of Pure Barre in Oakley, so I was super excited to get back to this studio for our Oakley Fit Day. Now owned by the incredible Kendra Northgard, Pure Barre has been an Oakley institution for 7 years.

We noshed on some yummy light bites at Rooted Juicery before walking over to Pure Barre for our third workout. Generally (in life, but especially during our day-long events) we are all prone to experiencing an afternoon slump, so this little bit of sustenance was a great pick-me-up to combat this. Another way to avoid an afternoon slump? Working with the lovely Kate Rath! Her energy was infectious and she gave us a fantastic taste of what a typical Pure Barre class offers, while not running us into the ground. In fact, I think the opposite happens after a class here. Every time I take a class here, I am challenged (see: shaking), but I walk away motivated and uplifted. The Pure Barre method is designed to lean and sculpt one's body, and create a sense of community while doing so. But what I truly believe makes this studio a standout is that anyone can take this class, at any age or fitness level. That is one of the founding tenets of Pure Barre, and it still holds true today.

Another key to these workouts is you won’t get away with bad form here. I feel like you are always in good hands and under a watchful, yet supportive, eye to make sure you safely get a good workout out of your hour. This is one of those workouts I could never complete fully on my own and would need the support of the people around me and the instructor gently coaxing me past my comfort zone. But it is also a wake up call to not underestimate the physical AND mental strength that constitute a good workout.

Our class flew right by and our crew left rejuvenated for the rest of our journey! We re-fueled with some Arbonne goodies courtesy of owner, Kendra, and my gal Kristine McGilvray and left Pure Barre exhilarated for our next location.

If you haven’t checked out a Pure Barre class, what are you waiting for? There is a reason they have so many loyal clients here with their names proudly etched in the barre. You get to try out your first week for free to see if it’s a match for you, too. Pure Barre Cincinnati will also have a pop-up at Skeleton Root Winery on 11/17, and some awesome Black Friday deals, too, so check them out, Cincy!

“I love Pure Barre because of the high level of muscle fatigue achieved in a low impact workout. The time focused on stretching has helped my posture and overall recovery time. I find Pure Barre to be a great compliment to other workouts- even five in one day with Live In The Movement!” ~ Tricia M.