Prism Pilates: Pushing us to our limits

Why do we love Prism Pilates? Let us count the ways… Okay, first of all, Rachel is one of the most radiant people I know. Her class is also one of the most challenging classes I have ever taken! But I digress.

I am reading a book right now on how we find joy from outside ourselves, called “Joyful,” by Ingrid Fetell Lee. The book discusses the joy we take from the vibrations in our surroundings. We spend a lot of time looking inward to find peace and joy these days, and, while it is important to have a peaceful base, the book argues that it is also vital for our happiness to surround ourselves with people, places and things that make us feel joyful.

When walking into Prism and meeting Rachel, I find they both exude joy and positivity; just a couple of reasons why her classes are always full! The other reason is how challenging her classes are. Think you are at the top of your game? Think again- this class will challenge your strength, flexibility, and stamina like no other. But while it challenges you, Rachel’s positivity will encourage you to come back for more. And, if we want to create change in our body, we need to push past our comfort zone.

Prism was our second fitness stop along our Oakley fitness crawl. We walked into the gorgeous studio, slipped on our Lucky Honey grippy socks (our favorite!) and got ready to rock! The front room of Prism yields reformers, while the back room holds Pilates mat classes. Our group split up to take half of a reformer class with Rachel, and half of a mat class with the lovely Molly Acree. Our group dove in head first to challenge themselves, and the smiles and laughter, even through the toughest exercise sequence, were proof that we were having a great experience.

The mat class with Molly was equally challenging. We ran through a number of challenging plank sequences, and our limits were pushed and reached. I am always inspired in moments such as this, when our group unites to support one another, encouraging others to do more than they knew they had in them.

We then switched gears to the reformer. Personally, Rachel has pushed my flexibility/strength limits beyond what I imagined I could hold. There is a moment where fear of falling out or collapsing meets mental and physical strength, and Rachel helps the latter win- because she believes in you and will safely push your limits with verbal and physical support.

“I was so impressed with Prism. From the minute you walk in the door you are greeted with simple ivy, a scent of freshness, simple décor and the friendliest staff. The owner, Rachel, is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Pre-class she spent time explaining the machines and the physical and mental practices of Pilates. The words she spoke created an environment which was warm and encouraging while setting an expectation that this is the time to push your boundaries and take your mind and physical being to your edge. I left enlightened, smiling, and with screaming muscles! The community and empowerment the Prism team shares is hard to find….so cool they are in my backyard!” –Abbey Bannerjee