Getting into the zone with Orangetheory Fitness

“Empowering. Highly efficient. Boundary pushing. Exhilarating. Addictive.” -A quick text to my girlfriends who are Orangetheory fanatics reveals why this popular studio has such a loyal following. This was the 4th, I repeat, 4th class on our tour through Oakley’s bustling fitness scene and I wasn’t sure if our crew would be able to muster up the strength to get through the class! For those of you who have taken an Orangetheory class, you then know that one hour is all that is required to kick your tail for the whole day. So taking on this daunting full body workout, focusing on endurance, strength, and power, at the end of the day? Well, everyone likes a challenge! I pulled aside Kristin Sharp, our fabulous instructor, ahead of the class start time and she ran me through the class itinerary. Ready to make game time adjustments, Kristen had the flexibility, confidence, and ability as a seasoned trainer to feel out our tribe as we went along.

Orange Theory Fitness, if you are not familiar with the style of the studio, tracks your heartrate through a system which lets you know what “zone” you are working in, and gives you your stats after a workout, customized for you ahead of your first experience. I’ve seen this style of fitness tracking work wonders for friends of all levels, so it’s no surprise why OTF has become a nationwide phenomenon. I would add that the wide range of class times throughout the day is super appealing, too!

The circuit created for our class included a rowing station, treadmill work, and a strength station. And somehow, all 15 women, who had put 4 hours of activity on their bodies that day already, (with a little hydration help from Thirty Drink!) pulled through like champs! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I witnessed this, and saw the photos following the event. This is a true testament to our leader, and a leader, in my opinion, is what makes or breaks a workout experience like this!

All images by  Alison Fopeano

All images by Alison Fopeano

The secret sauce to this fitness theory, in my opinion, is the instant feedback. For so much of the exercising we do, the goal is to "be consistent". While we know we are doing good for our bodies, the results aren't immediately apparent- it could be months or weeks before we see the fruits of our labor looking back at us in the mirror. This interim period is a dangerous time; we might question whether we are doing the right thing or whether it's "worth it" (spoiler alert, it is!). Receiving the instant gratification of seeing where we stand in terms of calories burned and heart rate give solid feedback that inform us in the moment. And receiving a full report showing one's work for the hour can be incredibly motivating: when we see how hard we worked to burn those calories, maybe this bleeds over into healthier choices when we think about how we replace those calories within us. These are some of the successes I have seen with friends, male and female, who have joined Orangetheory, so give it a try and see if it drives you, as well.

Thanks Orangetheory Oakley crew for leading us through an unforgettable workout!

If you missed out on our last Fit Day, or are hungry for more, snag your spot at our Hyde Park event May 18th! Happy Holidays!