Live In The Movement

Welcome to Live In The Movement! Now that I am back on my feet and ready to roll out all the exciting things I have up my sleeve for 2018, I wanted to share with my readers a little bit of the reasoning behind my shift in focus.

What started out a couple years ago as The City Skinny blog has now evolved into something bigger; a new mission, if you will. The City Skinny began as a way for me to highlight great places to workout, experiences and good food in different cities around the US, but specifically my hometown, Cincinnati. The City Skinny Fit Day was created as I saw a way to feature, support, and bring together those in the growing fitness community of Cincinnati. This has quickly became a popular bi-annual event for fitness lovers, and has been a great introduction to some of my favorite trainers.

So as this blog evolved into more of a fitness event forum, I began to doubt the appropriateness of the name of The City Skinny. What once seemed clever had become an obstacle, particularly the use of the word "skinny". I have had the opportunity to work and speak with people of all fitness levels and ages, from 5-90, and I didn't want one little word that can carry significant baggage to create a barrier between them and me. My goal has always been to create an environment of inclusion where ALL feel welcome and comfortable participating in one of my events. Add all of this to my own anxieties about raising an impressionable 8 year old and clearly, I was no longer 100% behind the name. I knew I needed to make a change to something I felt completely proud of. 

At the heart of all the events and retreats I hold, there is one important goal that stands out more than all of the others: an investment in self. This is not to say the others are trivial- have fun, build community, eat good food, work out with the best trainers and studios, pamper yourself, and create an experience you will be talking about for years- just that taking time for yourself is the overarching theme in everything we do. Because when you allow yourself to slow down and think about you for a minute, you can find what you love about fitness. We are all individuals, and our needs are as unique as we are; the same holds true for our fitness needs. If exercise is not enjoyable, we will not make time to do it as regularly and its efficacy will suffer when we do- that is simply a human reaction! I want to show people they CAN pick and choose what is right for them. By finding a match that suits all of our needs, much like a relationship, we build a solid foundation to grow and, most importantly, sustain a workout routine, a healthy body, and a happy heart and mind. THAT is what Live In The Movement is all about.

And finally, I believe movement is vital for happiness. I know this more than ever after going through my own health crisis these past few months. When my ability to move like I was used to was taken away from me while I recovered from surgery, I felt a huge mood change; I dare say I was in a state of depression. While exercise has always been a mood booster and a stress reliever for me, I had never felt its void more than I did during that month. I have worked with others who have dealt with some type of depression in their lives and seen how a daily exercise routine can improve one's mood and mental state, but I had never really experienced it first hand. So I started walking. My arms couldn't move but my legs were still strong, and I started to feel energized again. The importance of fresh air and a fresh perspective was re-emphasized. I was practicing what I preached and found ways that I could move. My mood immediately started to turn around.

I want this feeling for everyone at any stage in their journey. I want this for my children, my parents, my husband (though he's already found what makes him tick!) and my friends. I want the stressed out, over-worked mom to take time for herself and know that it is the furthest thing from being selfish. I want the exclusive runners to find the beauty yoga can add to their lives, not to mention their knees and hamstrings. I want someone who has been hopping around trying to find a trainer they love to finally click with someone. I want someone to have the confidence to walk into a studio they've been intimidated to try and experience something new. I want people to explore someplace new every year. I want people to buy experiences, not things. I want everyone to love, and live, their movement!