The Weekly Juicery

Whether you are embarking on a 3 day juice cleanse to reset and revitalize your body, or simply adding a juice or two a day to your diet, your body will thank you for the extra energy and vitality.  I have done two of The Weekly Juicery's 3 day "Reset" cleanses, but, for me, just adding a green juice  gives me such an incredible boost.  I eat a pretty clean diet, but the amount of nutrients I get from replacing a snack with a green juice during an afternoon slump makes a world of difference.  It is also a great way to start the day, and fantastic as recovery fuel from a moderate workout.  I make my own juice about 3 days out of the week, but my juices cannot compare to juice from a knowledgable and local source.  For instance, I buy some organic kale, romaine, cucumber, lemon and ginger at the store.  Though it may be fresh, we don't always have a way of knowing how long it has been on that shelf, and where it travelled from in the first place to get there.  The amount of nutrients lost are countless.  So, sure, I am benefitting from juicing on my own, up to a certain point, but the amount of planning and knowledge that goes into having an incredible juicing business like the Weekly Juicery is impressive.  And I hate cleaning my juicer every single day!  Cincinnati is now home to a few new juiceries, and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know an owner willing to share her knowledge and passion with others.  The Weekly Juicery on Hyde Park square originated in Kentucky and has graced us with it's cold pressed juices, smoothies and delicious vegan grab-n-go meals.  My immune system and energetic body thank them. Here is a little of what owner Kimmye Bohannon has to say about their juicing process. 


City Skinny: Tell me a little about your juicing process.

Kimmye Bohannon:  Our juices are hand-crafted and cold-pressed with exacting standards.  We cold-press each vegetable with care to provide an alive, delicious juice.  Here are a few facts from our website.

  • …alive, raw and delicious.
  •   …not cooked (pasteurized). Cooked juice? Gross.
  • …not treated with pressure. We don’t apply High Pressure Processing (HPP) to extend the shelf life.
  • …hand-crafted by our Juice Press team in our vegan and gluten-free kitchen
  • …pressed in small batches. We don’t have a juice factory.
  • …pure and simple. No additives or preservatives. Never.
  • …made with local and organic produce whenever possible. We work with innovative, local farmers to use produce grown in our own soil
  • . …made to order with care.

CS: What should someone going into a juice store or buying a pressed juice look for or be aware of?

KB:  The juice industry is growing, which is great news.  You can now pick up a cold-pressed juice in many locations.  It's very important to become a discerning juice buyer to make sure you are purchasing a raw, alive and nutrient dense juice to enjoy.  First, juice buyers should make sure their juice is not pasteurized or produced through high pressure processing (HPP)- these treatments use heat or pressure to reduce the bacteria load in the juice.   These processes also destroy the living and potent vegetable enzymes rendering the juice "dead" by discerning juice drinker standards.    Second, juice buyers should look for juices made with ingredients sourced from high quality sources, ideally organic or sustainably and locally grown.  Last up, juice buyers should inquire if the ingredients are listed in order of predominance.  This is very important to make sure you're "super green" juice has ingredients like kale and romaine as the lead ingredients.

CS: What are your favorite juices you press?

KB:  I love Green Lemonade and Debo's Remedy the very best.  These are two of our first juices and in my opinion are the very best.  Green Lemonade is full of liquid sunshine...aka the sun's energy.   The dark, leafy greens provide a simple protein source and a healing dose of chlorophyll to rejuvenate the body and mind.   Debo's Remedy is is my beet drink of choice. Beets provide a liver and blood detox, as well as a host of vitamins and minerals.   It's the strongest beet juice we make and includes a pound of carrots for immunity!   I drink both daily.

CS: What do you hear most from juice drinkers about changes that occur?

KB:  The number one benefit we hear from new juicers is increased in energy level.  The life force energy overwhelms new juice drinkers and provides a new sense of vitality.  We also hear about how food cravings change from processed, sugary foods to fruits and vegetables!  This also lightens the load around the middle!

CS:  What is it that made you get into the juicing business?

KB:  I started making my own juice at home with my neighbor in 2010.  I quickly realized the power of drinking cold-pressed juice on a regular basis and I was hooked.  I started The Weekly Juicery to make drinking juice convenient and accessible to many people.  We deliver juice to doorsteps to make incorporating juice into your diet easy and convenient.

If juicing is new to you, or even if you are an avid juicer, I would encourage you to drop into the store to learn more.  Kimmye and her team give frequent detox talks at the Hyde Park location and all around the city.  All juice is not created equal, so let the professionals help guide you to the best fit for your body and lifestyle!