Passion + Purpose- A winning combination

When I look at the fitness professionals and friends I have with successful clients and businesses, there is a common theme: they all have a clear idea of what they are doing and why they are doing it. These are essential guides for any business owner to have, and for any person to understand of their trainer.One of my goals with this blog and specifically for my City Skinny Fit Days, is to: 1) give people a fantastic overall experience during the progressive mini-retreat; and 2) introduce our attendees to studios that I love and admire. This may sound hokey, but I love seeing these connections get made. Everyone is unique, and what works for one person's life, in any aspect, may be different from what works for another. There is no one perfect class or trainer suited for everyone in the world looking for a fitness routine.

We started our third Fit Day at the first annual ELMNTL 5K followed by a sampling of 3 classes taught at Iron Sharpens Iron. At Iron Sharpens Iron, they have a large sign displaying their motto, "Passion and Purpose." I believe that both of these studios (well, ELMNTL uses nature as it's studio!) make successful changes for their clients because they live and breathe these words.

Kevin Wimmer did not just decide one day that he was fit and liked to workout outdoors, so why not open a studio? It wasn't as simple as that. That was his passion, yes, but he planned and wrote and worked on his idea for over a year before he put it into action. And years later he has one of the most loyal followings I have seen in this business. Each workout is designed for a specific purpose. His purpose on a larger scale, from my perspective, is to get people outside, rain or shine, breathe some fresh air everyday, and leave as small of a carbon footprint as possible. Kevin believes that "being healthy should be fun, challenging, and satisfying in a truly unique way. I believe you should never pay for equipment you don't use or features you don't want. I believe you should always get personal instruction while exercising. I believe challenging yourself against the elements creates practical, real world strength and fitness that can be applied everyday. I believe if you have fun while exercising, you'll do it more, and those benefits are immeasurable..." Fast forward to the 5K, where many in my group were a little nervous! We were about to complete a 5K with a physical challenge at each mile, and we were going to try this in the rain? There was some hesitation about starting an epic day with such a challenging course, but the smiles on this group's faces when they crossed the finish line showed them what they were made of. We were challenged to strict push-ups, quadrupedal movement for 200 yards, burpee broad jumps, and carrying heavy rocks around a lap. All of the proceeds went back to the park. And everyone had a great time and left with a huge sense of accomplishment!

We then headed to Iron Sharpens Iron, where we experienced a completely different experience from the morning. We were given a sample of three different group classes taught at the studio: The Early Burn, The Iron Circuit, and The Good Fight (a boxing class). If I can pinpoint a reason why I think people love this place, it would have to be because it really is a team effort. It is rare to be in a group class where you have multiple trainers involved to keep you motivated. And, if you've read any of my posts on these guys (or if I've coerced you into taking a class), it is FUN. Great music, tons of energy and efficient workouts- every time! And they practice what they preach, too. They work as a group and communicate on many levels to make their gym be the best it can be. But above all, Passion and Purpose. Owner and trainer Alex Harbin believes we should do everything with both of these. "Everything else is a waste of time. Your passion is the thing that gets you started and your purpose keeps you going in those times when most people would quit." When we hit those road blocks, Alex likes to run it through a checklist. "Are you passionate about it? Is it purposeful? Yes to both? Then keep going. If not, adjust accordingly and start living the life you were created for!"

Hey Lexington! Stay tuned for our next City Skinny Fit Day with The Weekly Juicery Saturday, September 24th!

Thanks again to all of our fantastic studios for making this such a special day for our group!