Mix up your New Year with TRX

If you're looking for something new to whip your body into shape, check out a TRX class.   You've probably seen people at the gym use TRX bands and are curious, but maybe you are worried you won't get the exercises exactly right.  A couple classes may be what it takes to give you the confidence to try it.  But you might get hooked!  My friend, Jen, and I attended a class at It's Working Out TRX in Columbia-Tusculum in Cincinnati recently, and it could become a staple in my workout routine.  I've played around with the bands a little bit, and worked out with trainers who are knowledgable in the technique, but never in the classroom setting.  And I loved it!  I can't wait to get back.  Kristen McAuliffe's instruction was clear, supportive and energetic, and the regular It's Working Out attendees were more than helpful adjusting our bands up and down (the hardest part, well, aside, from the actual workout!) Everything can be modified in so many ways, and I left feeling like I had a complete full-body workout.  When I spoke to some of the regulars, they emphasized how they noticed changes almost immediately.  Kristen answered a few questions about TRX, her background and the It's Working Out studio.  

The City Skinny: Could you tell me a little about your background?

Kristen: While pursuing my BS at the University of Notre Dame, I participated in crosscountry and track. My love for athletics, combined with my interest in my anatomy and physiology classes, instilled my desire to pursue training. I have been a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor for over 20 years, as well as an NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist focused on injury prevention. I am adamant about not doing an exercise because it is "hard" or will make a client's muscles "sore" the next day. I am passionate about understanding an exercise's intent and how it can be modified, if needed, for particular clients—a crucial mindset when leading a safe and effective group class. This mentality is what drew me to TRX, it works as an amazingly effective modality to allow progressions and regressions within a group, while getting results!

CS: What is it about TRX training that clicked with you?

Kristen: Results! After incorporating the TRX into my personal training clients' workouts, we started seeing changes. Decreases in body fat, increased muscle definition, improved posture, IT Band issues resolved in a runner and the drive distance increased for golfers.

CS: What do you hear most from clients about changes in their bodies when they attend classes regularly?

Kristen: This is the fun part! We offer a new client Intro Month and encourage new clients to attend 8-12 classes (nonconsecutive days) during this month. Whether they come to us in great shape or deconditioned, they all see and feel results. We most often hear, "my waist shrunk,” "my belly is smaller,” "my clothes fit better" or "I see muscle definition that I haven't had before". These are the things I notice: The person who sits at a computer all day — posture improves as we strengthen the backside of their body and stretch the front. The runner who is unaware that their glutes are weak — strengthens them so they are less likely to get injured. The golfer with low back pain — improves hip and thoracic mobility, decreasing pain and increasing drive distance. The camaraderie at It's Working Out is awesome. Our clients get to know each other and offer encouragement. Each workout is effective and FUN!

CS: Is TRX derived from another form of exercise or does it feel familiar to other forms to you?

Kristen: TRX Suspension Training was developed by a Navy Seal to help stay fit while deployed.   Navy Seals are extremely fit, so TRX clearly gets results!  The "All Core, All The Time" aspect of TRX reminds me of the Pilates reformer.  However, the cardiovascular and upper and lower body strength training aspect of the TRX feel like you are jogging, lifting weights and doing the Pilates all at the same time.  The complete workout you get in each class is unlike any other!

Info for those starting in January
We are offering Beginner Basic TRX classes Sundays 10:45 and Wednesdays 5:45pm in January.  We also give tutorials before our other classes for those new to the studio, so beginners will feel welcome in all of our classes.  Note, reservations must be made online in advance to reserve your TRX. We have a great New Client Intro Offer - $69 for 30 days of TRX  Attend 8-12 classes during this time to really see and feel results. I created a PROMO code as a benefit to City Skinny followers:)  Use PROMO code CITYSKINNY to save $10 off of New Client Offer

A little background of what TRX is.  (From It's Working Out website)

Suspension Training is a revolutionary method of leveraged body weight exercise. Perform a variety of exercises that build strength, power, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular endurance. The TRX allows for fast transitions between exercises so you challenge your muscles and cardiovascular fitness in less time. You control how hard you work based on the angle of your exercise, so classes are TRULY multi-level! We have some of the city's most experienced and credentialed trainers ready to help you modify, progress and regress your workout to help you acheive your goals.