March challenge complete!

I wrapped up my last week at CoreStrong with a couple more classes and some weight training with Stephanie.  As a fitness professional, I believe it is my job to learn new things, and I definitely came away from this month learning exercises I have never done.  More importantly, I learned what an impact Stephanie and her studio have made on her clients.  I talked to two in particular.  Kevin started in January, and has lost 17 pounds, 8% body fat and 13.5 inches in 53 classes at CoreStrong.  He was inspired by his buddy, Bill, who has completely changed his body since starting last October at CoreStrong and has lost 30 pounds.  Kevin credits Stephanie for her professionalism, and how her positive attitude trickles down to the other trainers and clients.  Kevin says he is now completely committed to this successful workout routine and it has completely changed how he eats and exercises. I met another successful client, Stephanie, who, after suffering a stress fracture about a year ago causing her to gain 17 pounds, shed all of her gained weight, but, more importantly, lost inches and transformed her body into a much stronger version.  She is a runner, and has gained huge strides in her running due to her strength training at CoreStrong.

It seems that everytime I turned around, someone had a story to tell about how they started looking and feeling better since joining or attending CoreStrong classes.  Everything does feel positive and encouraging.  The people are friendly and encouraging.  The warehouse studio is friendly, inspiring and inviting.  I truly think most people would feel at home here.

So, I could have focused more on whether my metabolism changed, if I lost any pounds or inches, but instead I'd like to leave you with just a few of the many triumphs I have heard from people who have worked with Stephanie.  I would encourage you wherever you live to seek out a positive exercise environment of your own.  If you feel right, if you feel at home, if you feel uplifted and excited when you walk into a studio or gym, you are that much closer to your own success story.