Welcome To The City Skinny

I have spent the past year (in contemplation stage) and the past month kicking around ideas in my head, asking many of my friends and family for their feedback, interviewing studio owners and instructors, setting up trips and scheduling future fitness classes to crash.  It is safe to say I have been constantly obsessing about where I want the direction of this blog to go, and it is finally time to take the plunge! The emptiness of this page is pretty intimidating at the moment, but don’t we find that the most fulfilling parts of our lives become fulfilling by taking a risk?  The first step is always the scariest.  Whether you are walking into a classroom for the first time, making a lifestyle change, starting a new job, traveling to a new place or even trying a new machine at the gym, that first step can be frightening but almost always turns into something good.  Yesterday, I watched my five year old daughter, Lily, walk into her kindergarten classroom with her head held high, even though a moment before she squeezed our hands and asked us to walk her in, with a slight look of panic in her eyes.  She emerged hours later having the “best day ever” meeting new friends and absolutely adoring her new teacher.  Risk=Reward.  Take the step!

The fitness and nutrition worlds have jam-packed our brains with so much information that it can often be hard to decipher whether something is legitimate or a passing fad.  I hope that through these journeys I can shed some light and inspire someone to try something new.  I could go on and on about what I love about my routine, or what I love about mixing it up, but am finding so much joy in talking with other trainers, enthusiasts, foodies, chefs, nutritionists and family and friends about what inspires them.  My hope is that I can encourage someone to go out and live what you love every day that you can, whether or not what I’m experiencing sounds enjoyable to you!

It is a week before my 37th birthday and my goal this year is to keep moving and exploring every opportunity that I get, and inspire you to do the same!

All the best!!!

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