DEFINE by Ashley

Broadway dancer and former instructor at Physique 57, Ashley Yeater, is taking her act across the pond.  She is taking the London fitness scene by storm with her years of experience as a dancer and instructor with DEFINE by Ashley Yeater. A love for movement, the ability to turn a setback into a dream, and overall awesome-ness from the root of her core is what makes this dynamo so special. Not to mention she is so much fun! I had the pleasure of catching up with my old NYC friend (from our formative years spent working in a Times Square restaurant) and it is easy to see why she has continuously sold out classes and enjoyed quite the following in NYC. She is bound to bring that success with her to London.

What was your inspiration to create Define?

I started my fitness journey over 8 years ago in NYC. I found an outlet I absolutely loved just as much as performing on Broadway. I was inspired daily by the clients I trained. My passion for teaching and wanting my own studio to be creative was constantly on my mind. The day a "jump split" on Broadway put a halt to my dancing career turned out to be the beginning of my next chapter...

A year ago I blew out my ACL on the Broadway stage performing in GIGI. Basically, doctors said I had to stop dancing and have surgery. I was devastated for a minute and then it was game-face time... I CAN get through this and I WILL be stronger. Immediately after surgery I was in physical therapy. When I wasn't work on regaining my strength to my left knee I was busy building recipes for my DEFINE concepts. My ability to walk, squat, jump, pivot was ALL taken away and in building DEFINE I wanted nothing more to incorporate ALL of those moves into the brand.


Can you describe a typical class?

The brand DEFINE is a massive umbrella with tons of different classes under it. One concept that stays true throughout the brand is OVERLOAD/EXHAUST the muscle group, stretch it out, and REPEAT!!! The body can handle a lot. I love to push my clients to the next level so they see the result and keep coming back for more :)

Do you see a big difference between the fitness worlds of NYC and London? What are they?

The heartbeat of fitness is definitely starting to pick up in London. It's exciting:) To compare any city to NYC in terms of fitness would just be silly. NYC marches to its own CRAZY MENTAL beat... haha! You can go to the gym in NYC at any hour of the day and it's packed. New Yorkers strive for multiple workouts in one day. I feel like there are more spin studios in NYC than Starbucks now. The NYC fitness scene is next level epic!!

With what do you want your clients to walk away from a Define class, aside from a good sweat?

I want my clients to feel inspired by the energy created in the room. I'm a firm believer you have to have some fun while working out. It's a chance to forget about outside nonsense. DEFINE is a place to let your hair down, sculpt and tone your body, and have a giggle, too, because it "Hurts So Good".

Do you have a client success story that comes to mind that you'd like to share?

Through my years of personal training and group fitness I've had tons of success stories. I've had the pleasure of helping a few clients confidently make it through their pregnancy working out and then jump back into their skinny jeans not long after. I've helped many clients prep for their weddings, and other clients walk into their high school reunions feeling smoking hot:) Every client has a story and his/her own reason to get fit. I'm just thrilled they chose me and my DEFINE method to get them there.

Music. What is on your playlist?

I love music! I love it all... yes, even country:) My playlists are filled with lots of mash-ups, funky beats, and chilled out vibes. If it moves me in some way, then I'm playing it.

Guilty pleasure?

So many guilty pleasures... Harabo, Wine, CHEESE, Justin Bieber, Backstreet Boys, US Weekly... This list can keep going and going.

Honestly, I get asked a lot about my diet. Being a dancer most of my life the struggle with food and "I'm too fat" or "I'm not skinny" always dangled over my head. I yo-yo'ed a ton throughout my dancing career. It wasn't until I started teaching group fitness and personal training that I found my way to have a better relationship with myself and food. I'm a firm believer in work hard, play hard. I never deprive myself and if I have an extra cookie one day then I work extra hard the next day and eliminate a cookie. For me, the minute I deprive myself of things I love is when I begin to spiral down a self-loathing tunnel.


It is easy to feel the passion Ashley has for fitness and dance, and having passion like hers can be the difference between a decent and an exceptional trainer. You can catch Ashley's class if you live in London, and she occasionally makes a guest appearance in NYC, so be sure to follow her. You can also check out her YouTube channel to see Ashley in action. We can't WAIT to hear more about London's growing fitness scene from Ashley in the future. Check her out on YouTube here to get a taste of her DEFINE class and be sure to follow Ashley on Instagram to catch a glimpse of what is described as one of the "hardest workouts ever" that will leave every "muscle quivering from head to toe" but will still have you leaving with a smile on your face!