Have You Found Your Inner Fire?

I think what excites me most during Fit Day is watching someone have their “Eureka” moment. Something “clicks” when they find something they realize they may love- this may sound deeper than exercise needs to be, but magical moments switch on light bulbs in our brain that make us feel really good about ourselves, which is the most valuable gift exercise can give us. I witnessed a few of these moments at Inner Fire during two very different classes.

All Images Courtesy of  Alison Fopeano  Photography

All Images Courtesy of Alison Fopeano Photography

If you haven’t been downtown to Inner Fire Fitness in Cincinnati, grab your workout buddy and just do it! No matter what you choose or what appeals to you, you will walk away with a smile on your face.


I got to know Ashley Jones a couple of months prior to our event as we started to plan our Fit Day in April. Let me just start by saying, her energy is mind-blowing! This girl is the real deal: in her spare time, she recently trained for season 10 of American Ninja Warrior, to give you an idea of the level of athlete we were dealing with for our bootcamp class at Inner Fire. When I heard that we would be ending with her intense class, I had a twinge of “oh man, these athletes are going to be completely toast by then!” I didn’t know if we would collectively have anything left in the tank by that point, but, per usual, people surprise me all the time with their strength. Ashley’s enthusiasm helped them bring their A game for the final miles of our day-long marathon. With a little help from Thirty Drink, we crushed our last workout of the day! Seasoned Fit Day veteran Casey said, “The bootcamp was an enthralling experience between the visual appeal of the lighting and set-up, and Ashley’s energy. Both make you feel revved up and focused to take on your workout. You come out feeling accomplished and wanting to do it again!”

Prior to our firecracker of an ending, our tribe was treated to a beautiful Flot class taught by Amanda Bloomquist. I was lucky enough to experience this class prior to Inner Fire’s opening at a fun Lululemon event, and it was even more rewarding to watch our tribe surprise themselves with what they could do with their bodies. Whether or not you’re going to be an aerial silk regular, you should hop in a class and find your “Inner Fire.” There was one particular statement from this class that will stay with me: “I don’t remember the last time I trusted myself like that.” Under confident, clear, but playful direction, Amanda takes her students for a ride to show them what they are made of. Each individual in that room did something they didn’t think they could do before. When is the last time we, as adults, can actually say that we’ve had the opportunity to prove that to ourselves?

“Inner Fire was unlike anything I’ve ever seen or experienced. Its one of the most beautiful studios in Cincinnati. My jaw dropped when I walked in and the atmosphere was electrifying! Our instructors were out of this world. I especially loved the balance between the treadmill and body strength workout. I’ve never felt more confident after leaving a workout class!” –Carolyn.

In addition to Flot and Bootcamp, Inner Fire also offers In-Trinity and Yoga classes. They also have the most wonderful staff and we couldn't have hosted such a flawless event without them! I want to give a special thank you to Ashley and Amanda, and lastly, Sara Ratto-Miller, who graciously helped us take care of every detail! This team made our day one we will never forget!