Why we thrive at Body Alive

The fifth and final stop along our Oakley fitness crawl put a dynamic ending to the day with two of my favorite instructors at Body Alive. Allison Picton (one of the toughest instructors in town, who also happens to be a dear friend outside of the fitness world), started us off with an abbreviated version of her heated body fusion class. Weights were involved. A heated room was involved. And some tough moves were involved, but our tribe was all in. Allison’s athleticism shows when she powers through the more-than-challenging exercises right alongside you, all the while narrating the workout! Her class is fast paced, utilizes active rest without a second to spare, and, before you know it, you’ve completed an hour of intense strength, cardio, and yoga-infused exercise. I love Allison because she walks the walk. She is 100% dedicated to practicing the craft that she teaches so well, getting the best out of both her participants and herself each class.

After a half hour of Allison’s fusion class, we shifted gears to a yoga flow with Bobby. After I took Bobby’s yoga class for the first time, I was hooked, and I knew we had to include both instructors. Bobby has a way of making you feel incredibly welcomed, and you walk away from his class uplifted and feeling like you’ve known him for years. If you follow my blog, you probably already know the value I put into finding warm, friendly studios and instructors. Nothing sets you up or sends you on your way down a successful movement path better than someone who: a) knows what they are talking about; and b) is friendly and encouraging. Forget the BS or attitude- we just don’t have time for that, right? I go to yoga classes for many different reasons, and, sometimes I don’t really even know until I hit my mat what exactly that reason or intention is. No matter your reason, or fitness level, you will feel uplifted here, I promise!

Body Alive has some wonderful instructors and we were lucky enough to experience classes with two of them at the Oakley studio. With affordable classes and multiple class times daily at three studios (Mason being the newest addition in Cincinnati), there's no reason NOT to try out a class or two! All fitness levels will benefit, and it is easy to find your own personal fitness groove in one of their many class offerings.

Body Alive is currently offering their “Gift of Fitness” promotion: two months of $55 unlimited classes (excluding cycle).