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Meet Emily Crosby Morgan

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Emily planned the most perfect day for my 50th birthday! My friends and I had an awesome time together at a local juicery followed by a challenging workout at an amazing gym... 

I have had so many compliments on how much fun everyone had!!

The no-shower happy hour was the perfect end to the perfect day: yummy light bites and a cold glass of wine with my best friends!

This may have to be an annual celebration!
— Carolyn, Cincinnati

Emily is a certified personal trainer, former actor and singer, wife to a performer and mom of two.  She currently lives in her hometown of Cincinnati, OH, and loves to travel any chance she gets.

Favorite workout:  I love to do anything outdoors- hiking, running, paddleboarding on our lake in Wisconsin, riding bikes with my kids. I've been boxing a lot lately, too! I love to mix it up and keep things fresh! I'll try anything!

Favorite meal:  Oysters, wine, cheese

Favorite place:  Montana, New York City, our lake in Northern Wisconsin, and home, of course. I love to travel to at least one new place a year. On my list this year is Costa Rica, Spain and Cuba.

Favorite day:  I cherish the days my whole family can be in one place, wherever it may be.  I love to entertain. 
The perfect day is coffee, exercise, adventure with the kids, dinner with my husband.

Meet the Team


Jessie Ford Coots
Graphic/web designer

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Jessie owns Untethered, a boutique branding + design studio creatively elevating identities for small businesses, female-driven brands and nonprofits

Favorite workout: Riding horses (I've owned and showed quarter horses since I was a little girl)

Favorite meal: Barbecue chopped chicken salad, paired with tomato basil soup (any comfort food is my favorite!)

Favorite place:  Anywhere in the south/west! (I particular love to visit Nashville and Austin) 

Favorite day:  A favorite day to me is: a full and productive day of design work, taking care of my horse (Layla) and unwinding/getting dinner with my husband.

Libby Hinken

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Libby is finishing up her degree in Communications and Marketing at the University of Cincinnati. She has a love for the Queen City and hopes to continue to be immersed in everything the city has to offer.

Favorite workout: Any workout that gets me sweating – running, spinning, boxing, crossfit, etc.

Favorite meal: Smoothies, juices, acai bowls

Favorite place: I love warm places! From hiking and camping in the Grand Canyon to swimming and relaxing at the beach!

Favorite day: My favorite day is one filled with coffee, a good workout, and downtime with friends and family.